• Executive Summary
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Values
  • Experience
CUPA Study International was founded in 1995 as a placement agency with the aim of recruiting students who have readily available funds to study in top universities abroad. CUPA SI started with UK as is only study destination but now has 15 selective study destinations under its umbrella. CUPA SI was first known as Betta Nova, later changed to Colleges and Universities Placement Agency in 2005, and finally to CUPA Study International in 2014. Transitioning from Betta Nova to CUPA saw to the placement of thousands of students who were placed into top universities abroad.
To become a top leading Colleges and University placement agency in Ghana
1. To assist and place our student Clients, with ready private sponsorship , into high quality secondary and tertiary institutions outside Ghana. 2. Our focus/ Concenration is on placement services and everything relating to that. This is based on the individual’s academic abililty as well as his or her career aspirations.
Trust, team work and excellent customer service
You can bank on our genuinely solid HANDS-ON experience gained over 22 years that help us give you fast, efficient, expert and hassle free professional service covering ALL the placement procedures.

Why come to CUPA Study International for Placement?

CUPA Study International understands very well that, studying abroad comes along with several challenges with admissions and new immigration decisions and changes that come up every now and then.
You can depend on our advice with reference to how to gain entry into high profile, world class universities.
You can rely on our career guidance and course selection based on your past and potential academic ability.
Trust our quick facilitation of university applications via our partner institutions all over the world.
Our Visa protocol and advisory services for students remain impeccable
Apart from the above, we are the oldest placement agency in Ghana yet taking advantage of modern communication trends while adhering to well approved loyalty and confidentiality practices.
Speed in the delivery services required by clients.