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It has always been a great pleasure for us to work harmoniously and professionally with overseas Colleges and universities in order to assist our many clients prepare for study and train for their future careers and professions in the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, China, Australia and New Zealand, etc

The first step to this always remains a careful selection of a study programme and where it can be best studied .We have always been there for them. We have earn the confidence and respect of our clients and also built a solid working relationship with our college and university partners..

We thank our past student/Client and their parents/sponsors immensely and we look forward to serving new in the forseeable future.

Many thanks again.

My experience with CUPA Study International is one of the best in terms of services I have encountered in Ghana. I was assigned to Grace and she was very helpful throughout the application process and made sure I was kept up-to-date of all relevant details. Her help also extended to making sure I had secured accommodation in University of Stirling as well as getting there safely from the airport. It was also a great surprise when I was told the service was free as she showed professional competence and passion with regards to the whole admission process. Even as at now, CUPA checks up on my wellbeing . I’m glad I made the choice to visit Cupa and I hope you do too.
It is with much keenness that I am writing to recommend the services of CUPA Study International. I came into contact with the agency in September 2017 when I decided to purse an advanced degree, that is to say, a master’s degree in International Business at Coventry University, United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, the agency has been of great assistance to me through my short yet amazing educational experience. They helped me sort through my university options, choosing the best which suited my needs. With their expert knowledge, they provided all the information regarding the application process, assisted me to complete the required forms and arranged for all documents to be sent to the university. Once I was accepted into Coventry University, they took charge of the student visa application and made travel and accommodation arrangements on my behalf. Even after enrolment, they stayed in contact to ensure that my stay in the UK was pleasant. I have successfully graduated with a distinction in MSc International Business from Coventry University. I am currently looking forward to further again for a doctorate degree and I believe CUPA Study International is there to assist in making this possible. I am very happy to recommend the services of CUPA Study International. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
My name is Festus Kwarteng from Ghana. I had difficulties getting an International University that will accept my HND for masters program. Thanks to Cupa Study International, I am currently enrolled at Brighton International College for a Pre-Masters Course leading to Masters in Construction Construction engineering with my HND qualification. I recommend Cupa international for anyone who is struggling selecting a school across the country. They are the Best.
Festus Kwarteng Student