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  • I used CUPA study abroad as my educational consultant when I wanted to study abroad, and I would not consider using any other company. I was extremely impressed with their professional attitude and approachable manner. Finding a school can be a complex process but CUPA consistently understood my needs and made the process seamless. They always got it right first time- and on time. I simply wouldn’t recommend anyone else!
  • CUPA gave me the very best support when I first decided to study abroad. They were concerned with every little detail regarding my application. It was their utmost concern to ensure that I had a sound and peaceful environment for my studies abroad.. Through their immense effort, I gained admission to the university of Exeter and also facilitated my visa application. After my studies in Exeter I needed further assistance in  applying for a professional legal course. CUPA did not hesitate to help me once more. They secured a place at the University of Law, Birmingham Campus even though they are not one of their listed partners. The most amazing thing was that they did not charge me for any extra services they provided. Cupa does not just help students to apply for schools. They go beyond by offering career guidance to candidates through course selection, school choices, accommodation, visa application until you finally arrive on campus. I am forever grateful for all the support through out my pursuit in my legal career. I pray that CUPA continues to stand head and shoulders above any other study abroad placement company.
  • I am a final year Law with International Relations Student at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. It has been a great achievement for me to reach this far in my higher education programme and would like to especially acknowledge the support I received from members of the CUPA team. My family and I have been using their services for years and I am confident in my statement that they are very dedicated and committed to providing guidance to prospective university students. I would like to share my experiences in my association with CUPA when I was struggling to find an institution to further my education. In 2011, the thought of going to university and choosing the best institution that suited my needs, became even more necessary. However, with the help of CUPA staff, my dream became a reality. First of all, they compiled my past academic records which they used to assess my strengths and weaknesses. They offered some advice as to the university that would best suit the course I hoped to undertake, and studied my personality to ensure I was in an environment I was comfortable with.  They set up meetings with me as often as possible to check my progress at school and help with the application process. The best thing about CUPA is that, no matter how low you think your grades are, they definitely try as much as possible to secure a university for you by suggesting you start off with a foundation course, which makes it much easier to get onto a degree program in any university
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  • I am Maxwell Ampofo. In the year 2008, my employer offered me an opportunity for sponsorship to pursue further studies abroad. I was then referred to CUPA Ghana as one of the experienced, reputable and respectable colleges and universities placement agencies in Ghana. I contacted them and based on their experience and dedicated services, gained admission into the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, UK.. I was enrolled into the Diploma program in September 2008 and completed in June 2009. This made the enrollment onto the Master’s Program easy and more comfortable for me. I continued with the Master’s program in the same University, started in September 2009 and completed in June 2010 with MSc in International Accounting and Financial Management.

    I therefore recommend CUPA Ghana to parents, guardians and students for their educational needs abroad. They know what they are about and their experience in the field becomes very beneficial to their clients.

  • The Staff at CUPA  from the day of our first consultation were actively involved and invested in every aspect of the application process. I worked closely with the staff who were always readily available to answer any queries and provide guidance and support in arriving at a decision. This warm support and encouragement led to my decision to apply to and eventually attend Durham University in October 2005. Durham University had in that year been heralded as the University of the Year and is currently one of the top 5 law schools in the United Kingdom.It is my utmost pleasure to endorse CUPA GHANA for upholding its status as an agency that prides itself in optimum client care, guidance, support and encouragement during the naturally arduous period of the college/university application process. Any student interested in furthering their education abroad should certainly make CUPA GHANA their first choice. I guarantee it will not be a regrettable decision. Thank you CUPA!

Thomas Clarckson

CEO and Founder

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