About Us


To provide excellent Counseling and Placement Services for Ghanaians and other nationals who have the means to travel and study abroad. We facilitate study opportunities for High School, Access/Foundation, Mission Vocational, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs, as well as courses in popular professional disciplines like Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, etc.

OUR UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION: Wealthy Experience, Efficiency, Speed and Professionalism in all that we do.

Our Staff

Mrs. Elizabeth Eson-Benjamin graduated from the University of Ghana in 1972 having studied for seven (7) years at Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast, for her GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Certificates.

In 1975/76, she studied a Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising Administration at the Watford College of Technology, now West Herts College and part of the University of Hertfordshire, UK

In 1979/80 she made a mid-career adjustment and studied for a Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) program at the University of Cape Coast. Her Advertising and Marketing background from Watford College and the teaching profession initially appeared an unusual combination but it is amazing how handy the two have come in, in her handling of this Agency, a service organization whose management involves both marketing skills as well as the qualities of a professional teacher for counseling purposes. In Ghana, Mrs. Eson-Benjamin is your best bet for student recruitment into overseas institutions. Her combination and skilful use of Marketing, Teaching and Counseling skills puts her in a special category for this specialist job. Her magic is her many years of experience on the job.

Juanita is a diplomat from the Government Secretarial School in Accra. She joined us as a Front Desk Officer in 1998 risen through the ranks to the position of Administrator. In addition, she has acted as Group Leader for many of our past Summer School Programs. Relationship management has participated in various UK Universities training programs in the Uk and in Nigeria
Main Duties: Administration.

Our Services

A broad spectrum service offered liberally to cover almost every client who walks into our offices to do business with us. Offered gratis at its initial stage to help enquirers make informed choices.

A systematic approach to quality applications through their various stages for consideration of acceptance into institutions of higher learning abroad. This is an invaluable service.

Offered basically to clients who patronize our entire comprehensive service. It is NOT accessible to people outside our comprehensive service range except where specifically requested for by a member institution as a required service for a direct applicant. Visa Protocol is a very essential and vital service to our operations.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Post Placement Assistance/Support


1. Seasoned Counseling
2. Meticulously arranged application process
3. Immigration and Visa Protocol Services
4. Post-Placement Support.

B: Regular interaction with Institutions we represent via visits to the UK as well as assistance given to members to visit Ghana for recruitment drives.

C: Regular contacts with clients, on-going and past

D: The effort to know firsthand, the products we sell.